Response Innovation Lab

World Vision and NetHope

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We are delighted to invite you to a webinar with World Vision on how they are developing a consortium on, and planning to deploy, the Response Innovation Lab (RIL); an inter-agency emergency innovation project. This webinar is sponsored by NetHope’s Isaac Kwamy, Director, Global Programs, Disaster Preparedness and Response.

The Response Innovation Lab is an international, Inter-agency, Public Private Partnership Consortium which:

  1. Deploys innovation labs into emergency response (from month 1 to year 2), to scale innovations that work and test new innovation across the humanitarian sector for impact in affected communities.
  2. Builds the capacity of the humanitarian sector and private sector in humanitarian innovation to create a future-focused sector.
  3. Builds a Public Private Partnership (PPP) network of academics, humanitarians, entrepreneurs and the private sector to solve problems and innovate together for people who are most in need, on the ground with real problems, real-time.

Those working on the RIL include Oxfam, Save the Children, MSF, Relief International, Civic, Morethanshelters, Thoughtworks, Gray dot Catalyst, Tulane University, Centre for Humanitarian Leadership, the Humanitarian Academy and more. Together they hope to build an international consortium focused on operational innovation to increase the effectiveness, efficiency, appropriateness and timeliness of emergency response.  They are currently funded by the Humanitarian Innovation Fund and support from consortium partners and are looking to add more experience, depth and thinking to our partnership and network from NGOs, companies, academia and other innovators.


  • Isaac Kwamy, Director, Global Programs, Disaster Preparedness and Response, NetHope
  • Jennifer MacCann, Response Innovation Lab Director, World Vision


Webinar Recording

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