What’s Happening with Humanitarian Satellite Efforts?

NetHope Crisis Informatics Team

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This is the second in an ongoing webinar series with NetHope’s Crisis Informatics team. The first webinar titled, Newest Lessons in using Open Data Effectively was on July 11th. The webinar, and all related presentation collaterals can be found on that page.

What’s Happening With Humanitarian Satellite Efforts? is a webinar with three of our industry’s leading open imagery providers: DigitalGlobe, Radiant, and Humanitarian Open StreetMap.

Together, representatives from each organization will share the latest insights and research on:

  • What is the current status is for key open imagery projects across the industry
  • Overview of who the major players (both private and public) in open imagery are
  • How can resource-constricted organizations can access and use imagery effectively
  • A brief description of the tools and skill sets, within an NGO’s staff, that are needed to process satellite-derived data well

We will leave 15 minutes for Q&A with the audience.


Rhiannan Price is a Senior Manager at DigitalGlobe.

Anthony Burn, is the Director of Community Engagement for Radiant.


Nathan Smith is a Technical Project Manager with HOT


Gabriele Almon is the GIS & Data Analyst Technical Lead at NetHope


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