What to Expect From No Lost Generation in 2018

NetHope's NLG Tech Task Force

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No Lost Generation is a unique multi-sector, multi-country platform for joint advocacy, learning, collaboration and strategic planning in relation to the Syria and Iraq crises. Launched in 2013 and currently in its second phase (2016-2018), the initiative focuses on the investments and policy changes required to ensure that the current generation of children and young people affected by these crises has access to the protection, learning and engagement opportunities essential for them to reach their full potential and contribute to safe, stable and prosperous future for the region.
2018 marks the seventh anniversary of the conflict in Syria that has uprooted more than 11.5 million Syrians from their homes – half of whom are children. Widespread and extreme violence continues inside the country, and amongst refugees in the region, rates of child labor and child marriage are increasing as families become more indebted and struggle to access livelihood options. In Iraq, a shift towards stabilization and reconstruction is pushing the humanitarian and development community to renew the urgent case for investment in education, child protection and ensuring positive engagement opportunities for youth.
This is a turning point year for No Lost Generation. This year the workplan zeros in on a tight set of objectives focused on advocacy, learning, and cross-sector collaboration in support of the needs of conflict affected children and youth. This year, NLG Tech Task Force will incubate four new tech-enabled, multi-sector collaborations focused on the needs of conflict-affected youth including education, livelihoods and participation.  By the end of the year we intend not just to have meaningful results on the ground, but a whole set of learnings and a toolkit – which will feed into planning the next phase of No Lost Generation.
The session will focus on:

  • The challenges facing children and young people affected by the Syria and Iraq crises.
  • The No Lost Generation initiative: who is it, what is it and what will we see from it in 2018?
  • Multi-sector, tech-enabled collaborations in support of adolescents and youth: what is in the pipeline, what are we learning and what comes next?
  • The webinar is open to all: humanitarians, donors, advocacy specialists, private sector companies and young people. There will be plenty of time for questions, reactions and suggestions, as well as further information on how to get involved for those that want more!


Katy Barnett, No Lost Generation Advisor, UNICEF Regional Office for the Middle East and North Africa


Mark Chapple, Head of No Lost Generation, World Vision Syria Response

Amie Wells, Adolescents and Youth Adviser - Middle East (Mercy Corps)

Leila Toplic, NLG Tech Task Force Lead


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