Webinar on UAVs in Humanitarian Response (#2 in a series of 4)

Humanitarian UAV Network

Webinar with Patrick Meier, QCRI Director of Social Innovation who will focus on issues surrounding data collection via UAVs.

A second in a series of webinars on UAVs produced by Andrew Schroeder, Director of Research and Analysis, Direct Relief, Gisli Olafsson, Emergency Response Director at NetHope and the NetHope Solutions Center. You can find additional information on the webinar series here.

This presentation will introduce the Humanitarian UAV Network (UAViators), which facilitates the safe, responsible and effective use of UAVs in humanitarian settings. In so doing, the talk will draw on three recent case studies of humanitarian UAVs in action—in the Philippines, Haiti and the Balkans. The presentation will also address the Big Data challenge around aerial imagery and will outline solutions ranging from crowdsourcing to artificial intelligence. In closing, the presentation will address key policy issues around the use of humanitarian UAVs and will highlight the concrete steps taken by UAViators to address these issues.

Some additional resources to review before the webinar:

Announced today was the UAV Wiki on travel & law: http://uaviators.org/travel-laws



Webinar Recording
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