Webinar on UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) use in development

DanOffice IT

(Quick note on the recording: When you get to the video playback, where we had some slight technical issues, you may need to start the video yourself using the play button in the YouTube frame. You may also want to pause the WebEx playback until the video playback is complete for uninterrupted viewing. The video may not be available after April 4th and we will post a permanent link to the video at a later time. Sorry for the inconvenience.)

During the recent response to Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines, Direct Relief worked with the technology provider DanOffice IT and our disaster relief partner Team Rubicon to deploy a Huginn X1 UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) as image support for relief activities in and around Tacloban. The Huginn X1, a quad-copter with high-resolution cameras and thermal imaging optimized for search and rescue, proved to be a valuable tool in a number of respects, including damage surveys, site assessment and tactical planning.

The experience of using this particular UAV for humanitarian relief also raised a number of interesting and provocative questions about the kind of requirements which might need to be in place for UAVs to become more of a standard part of the humanitarian toolkit. In addition to a review of the scenarios and situations which proved valuable during the Haiyan response, this webinar will raise significant issues related to training requirements, image sharing capacities, technical limitations and policy concerns. DanOfficeIT will lead this webinar and share their perspective on how UAV may factor into the future of humanitarian relief.

Your participation will allow you to suggest areas of applying, as well as concerns you may have with the use of, UAVs in humanitarian and economic development.


Webinar Recording
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