Electronic medical solutions in low-resource settings

Vecna Cares and the International Rescue Committee

Tue, March 14, 2017 - 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM (US East)

Note: In the WebEx recording, the presentation is interrupted by technical difficulties due to a severe winter storm. The presentation drops out at minute 10:45 and picks up again at minute 21:50. Also, due to technical difficulties, the connection was disrupted to Cosmas Opondo, Electronic Medical Records Manager at the Kaukuma Refugee Camp for the International Rescue Committee was lost. Mr. Opondo was unable to present as a result.

Join us for an exclusive NetHope Solutions Center webinar with Vecna Cares and the International Rescue Committee (IRC) as we explore the challenges faced, and solutions applied, during the implementation of an EMR in IRC-run clinics at Kakuma Refugee Camp.

It was a daunting prospect, with over 160,000 refugees, one hospital, five health clinics, at least 1,500 patients per day, no internet, limited electricity, and too many paper records. So how did they do it?

Vecna Cares' EMR is a hardware and software solution featuring a modular-based software platform, collecting health activities from each ward into a centralized database at the facility level. It is powered by the CliniPAK, a solar powered local server and power management system optimized for use in ultra-low resource environments. CliniPAK syncs Wi-Fi enabled data collection devices on a local access network using an internal Wi-Fi connection, enabling real-time data collection, management and analysis that will link to a comprehensive camp level database to facilitate automated report generation.

The presentation will analyze Vecna Cares’ experience designing, building, implementing and supporting the electronic medical records system at Kakuma. It will focus on three key areas with an emphasis on lessons learned, including:

  • What are the challenges in adapting human-centered design and traditional software development life cycle concepts to low-resource areas in remote settings?
  • What considerations need to be made when designing and developing hardware and software for use in a low-infrastructure setting like a refugee camp?
  • How can organizations prepare for and successfully execute moving a complex set of operations from paper to the digital realm?


Paul Amendola, Executive Director, Vecna Cares

Seth Reddy, Director of Programs, Vecna Cares

Emily Taylor, Director of Communications and External Relations, Vecna Cares


Cosmas Opondo, Electronic Medical Records Manager, International Rescue Committee


Webinar Recording

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