Using Technology to Expand Educational Opportunities for Syrian Refugees in Jordan

NLG Tech Task Force

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Join us for another NLG Tech Task Force  webinar featuring International Medical Corps and their partnership with Endless OS, which focuses on addressing the needs of refugee children and youth in Jordan. Rebecca Milner, Vice President, Institutional Advancement with the International Medical Corps, and Mike Hill, Head of Business Development for Africa & Middle East at Endless, will provide an overview of their work in the Makani Centers in Jordan.

With the Syria crisis now in its seventh year, the region continues to experience massive population displacement, straining the capacity of neighboring countries, such as Jordan, to deliver a sustained response and meet the overwhelming needs of refugees. According to UNHCR, as of August 2017, the number of Syrian refugees registered in Jordan reached over 660,000. Some 21 percent live inside refugee camps—notably Za’atari and Azraq—and the rest live in urban, suburban, and rural areas.

Makani Centers – “Makani” is the Arabic word for “My Space” – provide out-of-school Syrian and Jordanian children and youth with learning opportunities, life skills training and psychosocial support services through activities like informal education, community committees, and community outreach. The Makani Centers also help raise awareness about child rights and other protection issues. International Medical Corps has partnered with Endless to integrate Endless computers into Makani Centers’ programming in order to improve the educational opportunities and well-being of refugee children and youth.

Endless has built a desktop operating system and computer for communities with or without internet access. The Endless operating system comes pre-installed with over 150 apps for education, work or entertainment, that don’t require an internet connection to work. Children and youth are using these computers to learn how to use email, internet, Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel), online encyclopedias, and more.



Rebecca Milner, International Medical Corps Vice President Institutional Advancement

Michael Hill, Endless Head of Business Development for Africa & Middle East



Leila Toplic, NLG Tech Task Force


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