Using Technology to Enable Evidence-Based Humanitarian Program Design

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Photo credit: Viviana Salsi, IRC

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At the International Rescue Committee (IRC), we have made a commitment to improving the effectiveness of our interventions. To IRC, this means not only ensuring that our program designs are evidence-based, but also that they are structured in a way that generate evidence. As part of this process, we build logframes using indicators and theories of change from our Outcomes and Evidence Framework (oef.rescue.org). Even with this process in place, we continue to struggle with inefficiencies that lead to losses of time and information, which lead to missed opportunities for synergy, learning, and adaptation.

Identifying this as a sector-wide challenge, IRC, Microsoft, threshold.world, and Revel have partnered to extend the Nonprofit Common Data Model and build a technology enabled solution for the program design process. We have developed an application using Microsoft Power Apps that streamlines the process of creating, modifying, and approving logframes, and that enables communication and collaboration through an integration with Microsoft Teams. In this session, join IRC,Microsoft, and threshold.world in an overview and demo of the application, its contextualization in IRC’s organizational measurement strategy, and details on how to collaborate with Microsoft and threshold.world as they look forward to its next stage of development. In particular, this webinar will include:

  • Application overview, including features and design, vision and place in Microsoft roadmap
  • Contextualization of application in IRC’s measurement strategy
  • Demo of application
  • Roadmap for next phase of application development
  • Discussion and call for collaboration


Erik Arnold, Global Chief Technology Officer, Tech for Social Impact, Microsoft Philanthropies

Dan Lammot, CEO, threshold.world

Nick Bannister, Senior Director of Measurement, International Rescue Committee

Erin McHugh Saif, Global Lead, Product Development, Tech for Social Impact, Microsoft Philanthropies

Jessica Barrette, Senior IT Project Manager, International Rescue Committee


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