Using IoT Devices to Gain Insight into Network Challenges

NetHope’s Connectivity and Infrastructure Working Group

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Resources featured in this webinar

NetHope members are often faced with extremely variable Internet connection in their remote offices. Questions such as “Is the Kindu network reliable enough for our ERP?” or “Will we be able to join a video conference from Port au Prince?” are extremely hard to answer.

NetBeez provides an innovative network monitoring service, using Raspberry Pi devices at remote networks to give a local view of how the Internet connection, or web applications are performing. Features include:

  • The effective bandwidth in an office and track it over time;
  • latency;
  • packet loss;
  • and other key performance indicators.

Learn how organizations using Netbeez answer questions about remote user connectivity experience, and how they are reducing the time it takes to detect and resolve network problems.

This webinar is sponsored by NetHope’s Connectivity and Infrastructure Working Group.


Duncan Drury, Co-Chair of NetHope’s Connectivity and Infrastructure Working Group

Stefano Gridelli, Co-founder and CEO of NetBeez

Alex Trader, Account Manager at Netbeez



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