Using Fiber Connectivity to Enhance Your Mission

NetHope’s Connectivity and Infrastructure Working Group

View the webinar recording below that includes an extensive Q&A session. After viewing the webinar recording, please fill out our webinar evaluation form.

Resources featured in this webinar

With technology advancing faster than ever, navigating the technological needs of your organization can be confusing.

Join NetHope’s Connectivity and Infrastructure Working Group for a webinar with Gilat Telecom. A leading multinational communication solutions provider and a shareholder on the WACS and EASSY submarine cables, Gilat Telecom will shed light on fiber connectivity and what it has to offer NGOs working in Africa.

The webinar will analyze the progression of VSAT to cable, why it matters if you’re working with a multinational company or a local provider, whether there are any benefits to buying services through a group contract and how to determine if your communications provider will be reliable when it counts.


Asaf Rosenheck, VP of Business Development at Gilat Telecom

Duncan Drury, Co-Chair of NetHope’s Connectivity and Infrastructure Working Group



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