The NGO Reference Model: Early experiences and practical implications

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The NGO Reference Model: Early experiences and practical implications is the second in a 3-part Members-only webinar series introducing the NGO Reference Model. Visit the series landing page for more information.

In this, the second of three webinars about the NGO Reference Model, we will review the Model and how it can add value to organizations. NetHope member organizations will discuss their review of the reference model, and questions from the first webinar will be addressed. Emerging themes from the feedback, and potential changes will also be debated.

The NGO Benchmarking Tool that is based on the reference model will be described and demonstrated. We expect participants to complete the benchmarking tool with their respective organization, and hold at least one verification workshop internally prior to the third and final webinar. These activities will provide content for the final webinar, and for future steps where we will tie the NGO Reference Model in with NetHope’s initiatives for the Digital NGO, and related activities going forward.

The NGO Reference Model core team has found that introducing the model via benchmarking helps organizations to understand what the model is about (this can be as lightweight or involved as they like), and adds value for organizations straight away (e.g. bringing IT closer to the organization).


To maximize learning and benefit, those attending webinar #2 are being asked to use their organization’s mission to contextualize the NGO Reference Model - Activity Table and roughly map which of their applications support which parts of the model. These submissions together with any questions will be made in advance of webinar #2.

Download the NGO Reference Model - Activity Table

View and download the Powerpoint presentation of the first webinar in this series at the webinar landing page.


avatar for Mike Smith


Mike Smith, Systems Architect, WaterAid

avatar for Greg  Snow


Greg Snow, Global IT Architecture & Innovation Director, Save the Children International

avatar for Karin Stetcher


Karin Stecher, Process Management Advisor, Human Resources & Organization Development, SOS-Kinderdorf International


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