The ArcGIS Platform for Managing, Processing, and Sharing UAV data


As we continue our series of webinars on UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles), we are delighted to invite you to a webinar with Esri on the use of the ArcGIS platform for managing, processing, and sharing UAV data. Cody Benkelman, Technical Product Manager – Imagery, Esri will illustrate and engage in discussion on how ArcGIS can be a powerful complement to Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and Systems.

Esri has worked closely with many partners in the UAV industry for many years, including a range of platform, sensor, and software providers.  In the webinar, Cody will discuss and demonstrate the power of the ArcGIS Platform for supporting the aspects of collecting, analyzing, and sharing UAV data.  They will highlight how:

  • the rich data content available through ArcGIS Online and Esri premium content providers supports rapid and intelligent project planning. 
  • the ArcGIS system for image management enables rapid access to UAV imagery and video, powerful search and retrieval of imagery and metadata from massive image collections. 
  • a wide range of analytical tools and on-the-fly processing functions can quickly extract value from imagery and lidar.  
  • with the numerous options for sharing data, analytical results, and status maps to a wide range of users and applications (desktop, web, and mobile), ArcGIS provides a comprehensive platform to support the geospatial information requirements of NetHope and its partners.

As usual, Andrew Schroeder, PhD, MPP, Director of Research and Analysis with Direct Relief will offer a brief webinar introduction and facilitate the discussion.

Webinar Recording
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