Solar Solutions for Humanitarian Operations

NetHope's Alternative Energy Working Group

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This webinar is for organizations that operate in humanitarian contexts with limited or no access to reliable and affordable grid electricity, and that rely on diesel generators to power their offices, staff housing, and other facilities. Transitioning to solar energy could deliver significant benefits but can involve complex management and procurement processes. Operating solar systems also requires technical skills that many organizations don’t have in-house.

This webinar helps organizations make more informed decisions about how to adopt solar energy by explaining;

  • Four different options for transitioning to solar energy
  • Pros, cons, and economic analysis for each option
  • Good practices for organizations starting this journey


Laura Patel, Program Manager, Energy4Impact
Mads Uhlin Hansen, CEO, KUBE Energy


Duncan Drury, Connectivity & Infrastructure Associate, NetHope
Frank Schott, Managing Director, New Program Development


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