Show Me the Money! Lessons Learned in Digital Payments

NetHope, BFA Global, USAID

Digital payments have supported development objectives across the board, while delivering lasting benefits, such as expanding financial inclusion and contributing to the growth of economic infrastructure. But what do these benefits look like in the field? What are the challenges, and what are the lessons learned for improving digital payment applications?

In this special seminar, presenters took an in-depth look at USAID's efforts in digital payments, with key insights and findings from USAID’s Payment Innovations activity in Zimbabwe. Experts also explored how USAID is continuing to play a role in enabling digital payments for development, including discussions of the 5 C's framework from the recently released USAID Opportunity Brief: Enabling Digital Payments for Development.

A recording of this webinar, as well as a PDF of the presentation, and all related collaterals can be found here.

Webinar Recording