Secure and optimize your global WAN with CenturyLink Adaptive Network Security

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Traditionally, network security has focused on firewalls at each location connected to the internet. Simply getting firewalls to the places NGOs work is a challenge in and of itself, let alone keeping them up to date and applying configuration changes.

In this webinar, CenturyLink will share a new approach where a firewall is entirely hosted and configured in the cloud, and each location protected using existing hardware. Learn how CenturyLink's Adaptive Network Security allows rapid application of the latest security and gives access to the most optimal routing to the cloud services you use through CenturyLink's world-class internet infrastructure.


Duncan Drury, Connectivity & Infrastructure Associate, NetHope


Graham Smith, Head of Security Solutions for CenturyLink EMEA

Saud Haq, is Senior Security Sales Specialist for EMEA at CenturyLink

Speaker Info

Graham Smith is Head of Security Solutions for CenturyLink EMEA. Graham has over 19 years of experience managing cyber security-related disciplines supporting national governments, law enforcement and large enterprise customers globally. His roles have included heading security product management, security operations centre (SOC), CERT, forensics and infosec functions. Graham brings insight into how to design SOC and compliance functions that deliver directly to the enterprises facing the challenges of today.

Saud Haq is Senior Security Sales Specialist for EMEA at CenturyLink. Saud has almost 20 years of experience in security for the ICT industry. He is an advocate of removing the complex approach to security and believes security should be vendor-agnostic and multi-layered. Building and developing relationships is his passion and the key to sustainable success. Saud has represented companies on customer advisory Bboards (CABs) and worked with global organizations to reduce costs and complexity in their business operating environments. Saud spent much of his early career at pioneering internet service providers as well as established telcos. In his current role at CenturyLink (formally Level 3), he has worked with institutions across a range of verticals on a global scale.


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