Scaling Innovation in Mobile Money (SIMM) Assessment


For the past two decades, USAID/Philippines has supported the advancement and expansion of an inclusive financial services sector in the Philippines. The Mission’s most recent initiative—Scaling Innovation in Mobile Money (SIMM)—culminated in January 2015. SIMM aimed to increase the uptake and usage of mobile money (m-money) services by working with local and national government units to promote the adoption of m-money in government financial transactions.

Please join us online July 23rd for a briefing on USAID’s internal assessment of the SIMM project and to learn more about the Mission’s new digital financial services project, e-PESO. This session will review key development and implementation components of the SIMM project, sector advancement, and learnings that helped shape the e-PESO project design.

Presenters include:

  • USAID Digital Finance Senior Advisor: Nandini Harihareswara
  • USAID/Philippines Program Management Specialist: Teresita Espenilla

Post-webinar update

Link to the USAID blog discussing their work in Humanitarian Assistance and Digital Financial services: https://www.microlinks.org/blog/disaster-response-digital-age-investing-digital-finance-accelerate-humanitarian-assistance

Webinar Recording

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