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Join us for webinar on the evolving use of mobile money in Kenya. The webinar will examine research on the social network effects of mobile money and provide an introduction to M-Changa, a product that promotes philanthropy and group giving using M-Pesa.
Professor Sibel Kusimba will discuss her recent work and ethnographic studies of the role of mobile money and mobile communication in social networks in Kenya.  The research recently presented at the University of California at Irvine – Institute of Money, Technology and Financial Inclusion examines usage of mobile money products like M-PESA by many kinds of social groups and organizations.  Mobile money products like M-PESA are used by groups of relatives, siblings, and friends to pool resources for important events.  These contributions circulate benefits to communities and revitalize the social relationships among families, friends, and communities.  While many understandings of mobile money emphasize the user as an individual, Kusimba's research has shown that many Kenyans recognize the benefits of these technologies to families and communities as a whole. 
Newcomer M-Changa, based in Nairobi, Kenya has helped over 20,000 people crowdfund for serious life shocks including medical care, weddings and funerals.  Using the power of mobile money technology, the platform replicates a cultural behavior of supporting community members throughharambee (Swahili for fundraising).  Supplemented with other financial tools like microfinance and savings groups, mobile philanthropy is routinely leveraged for financial inclusion, particularly for the 45% of customers who are unbanked in both rural and urban Kenya. This webinar will unpack M-Changa’s three-tiered approach to expand financial access for the youth, educators and students, and enterprises including women’s groups and businesses. 

Here is how M-Changa works:

List of Presenters:
From the American University, Washington, DC:

Professor Sibel Kusimba, Ph.D., Anthropologist in Residence, Department of Anthropology

From M-Changa, Nairobi, Kenya:

Kyai Mullei – Chief Executive Officer
David Mark – Chief Technology Officer
Rajan Trivedi – Director of Business Development and Research

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Webinar Recording

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