Quantifying the Value of NRC’s Investment in Okta

NetHope Solutions Center Webinar Series

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The Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) is a humanitarian, non-governmental organization that protects the rights of people affected by displacement. A NetHope member since 2015, NRC began implementing the Okta Identity Cloud for identity and access management in 2016. NRC recently partnered with Okta to conduct a business value analysis in order to quantify the value that Okta’s products and services have created for NRC. During this webinar, Mads Grandt, Specialist Global Adviser for ICT Operations with NRC, and Adam Rosenzweig, Nonprofit Success Program Manager with Okta, will share and reflect on the results of the analysis. Participants in this webinar will learn about the methodologies used to determine business value that may be applied to other investments. Participants are encouraged to ask questions of both NRC and Okta.


Mads Grandt, Specialist Global Adviser ICT Operations, Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC)

Adam Rosenzweig, Nonprofit Success Program Manager, Okta



Photo Credit: Bigstock (Lagadikia Greece - August 25 2016: Children sit on stairs in the refugee camp of Lagadikia some 40km North of Thessaloniki during the visit of UN high commissioner for refugees Filippo Grandi)


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