NetHope Solution Center webinar with Ustad Mobile

Ustad Mobile

We are pleased to invite you to a NetHope Solution Center webinar with Mike Dawson on the Ustad Mobile mLearning platform.

Ustad Mobile is a new mLearning authoring platform that makes it easy to create learning materials with audio, video quizzes and mini games. The materials can be used on $30+ feature phones (of which there are 3 billion globally) or almost any smartphone platform.

The webinar will demonstrate the platform capabilities and show participants how they can get started making new mobile learning that can be used internally for staff or directly for beneficiaries.

Mike Dawson worked with the US State Department who backed the original creation of the app.  These days Ustad Mobile is under a UNOPS project teaching illiterate female police officers in Afghanistan. Previously, Mike has worked as a consultant to Oxfam (Novib).


Webinar Recording
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