Mobile Tech That Empowers Parents to Read to Children in Crisis Situations

No Lost Generation Tech Task Force

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Research has repeatedly shown the benefits of reading aloud to children, yet populations affected by conflict often lose access to reading material and need support to re-establish, or create, a reading culture in the home. Mobile technology offers a unique opportunity to reach such populations at scale–whether they be on the move or settled in camps in a new country. With the primary objective of increasing parental engagement in reading to children, Worldreader’s Tuta Tuta project works to increase reading at the household level through a combination of direct reading support, free access to high-quality Arabic children's stories on mobile, and a digital and traditional behavior change campaign.

The Worldreader Kids - Tuta Tuta mobile app allows parents and caregivers to access over 250 high-quality Arabic and English books for children up to 12 years of age, all for free. Worldreader worked with leading Arabic children’s publishers to acquire storybooks for children and families that help develop reading skills, foster imagination, and enable access for families previously unable to afford books. The program works with partners to promote reading through informal community-based education programs, parenting programs, and schools.

One key organization working to implement Tuta Tuta into their programming is I Learn, a nonprofit community-based organization that focuses on helping young refugee communities realize their full potential. I Learn works to mobilize youth volunteers to work with mothers and children, and provide them with non-traditional learning opportunities and access to safe spaces where they can interact, express themselves freely, and acquire the skills, attitudes, and behaviors necessary to succeed in life.

Key Takeaways:

  • Early learnings on the cost-effectiveness of Worldreader Tuta Tuta’s digital reading campaign and insights on channels used (Google Display Network, Facebook, radio, and social influencers) to reach 50,000 Jordanian and refugee families.  
  • How we go beyond being just an app: Partner efforts to mainstream our digital reading app into their existing programs.
  • The role of digital stories in healing and emotional recovery: Overview of the psychosocial pilot and how its impact will be measured.
  • Mobile reading adoption at scale: Discussion on efforts to scale digital reading through government, private sector and partnership.


Leila Toplic, No Lost Generation Tech Task Force, NetHope


Nina Wine, Project Manager, Worldreader Kids Jordan

Mr. Saddam Sayyaleh, Founder and Director, I Learn



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