Microsoft’s Project Sangam: Empowering Community Learning at Scale

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Building digital skills is a critical component of improving economic opportunities for nonprofits and their beneficiaries. For many nonprofits, delivery of these digital skills is difficult, as the targeted learners are spread over multiple locations and many do not have access to a laptop or desktop experience. In this session, join representatives with Norwegian Refugee Council and Microsoft for an introduction to Project Sangam from Microsoft, an e-learning platform built on Azure optimized for mobile devices in low-connectivity and no-connectivity parts of the world. This webinar will cover:

  • An overview of Sangam and common-use cases for nonprofits
  • A demo of the Sangam platform from the Sangam engineering team
  • A discussion with customers in the process of deploying Sangam currently
  • How Microsoft and NetHope can help your organization deploy Sangam


Ghada Khalifa, Director of Philanthropy, Middle East and Africa, Microsoft

Sean Nicholson, Global Adviser Corporate Partnerships, Norwegian Refugee Council

Lutz Ziob, Founder, Ziob Consulting

Apurva Chandra, Program Manager, Tech for Social Impact, Microsoft

Alok Agrawal, Senior Program Manager, Project Sangam, Microsoft


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