Microsoft Resources for Refugees: Case Studies and How to Get Started

NetHope's NLG Tech Task Force

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Resources featured in this webinar:

In this session, you will hear about Microsoft’s Resources for Refugees, a set of technology training and curriculum resources, and how these resources are being used today as part of skills training programs for refugees. Microsoft’s Resources for Refugees are available for free to all global and local NGOs, and are meant to be used in skills training programs to help refugees gain digital literacy and computer science skills. 

The webinar will feature two nonprofit organizations currently supported by Microsoft Philanthropies, and implementing digital skills curriculum from Microsoft Resources for Refugees with refugee populations in Turkey and Lebanon.

Habitat Association is a nonprofit organization based in Turkey and focused on supporting youth and adult refugees from Syria currently living in Turkey. Habitat Association’s project is to develop refugees' capacities, and strengthen their existing skills through trainings focused on digital literacy, and basic coding skills, all taught in Arabic by volunteer trainers. Their goal is to prepare refugees to become employed, or start their own businesses.

In partnership with Microsoft, arcenciel built a curriculum aligned with the needs of refugees, and based on the training pillars of: entrepreneurship, freelancing, digital literacy, coding, and soft skills. Over the course of their six-month project in Lebanon, arcenciel will build capacity in ten community centers serving refugees, and host communities with trainings in livelihood skills, and information technology. Arcenciel will also train 100 selected trainers, who in turn will provide training that will benefit 5000 refugees, and underserved Lebanese youth. 

Key Takeaways for Attendees:

  • A guide to get started guide with Microsoft’s Resources for Refugees
  • Examples of how these resources are being used to support refugees
  • Partnership opportunities


Leila Toplic, NLG Tech Task Force



Jane Meseck, Sr. Director, Global Programs and Partnerships, Microsoft Philanthropies

Andrea Lattanner, Digital Skills Program Manager, Microsoft Philanthropies

Başak Saral, General Manager, Habitat Association

Kim Issa, External Relations Manager, arcenciel

Organization Overview

Microsoft Philanthropies

Together with our grantees, partners and employees around the world, we’re working to fulfill Microsoft’s mission to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more. 

Habitat Association

Habitat, is a Turkish NGO with 20 years of in depth experience on community empowerment and working with disadvantaged groups; extensive knowledge on socio-economic and cultural aspects of every city in Turkey. Habitat aims at empowering young people, women, and disabled persons through its training Programme’s in the and reaches more than 1 million disadvantaged people with the contribution of its 5000 young volunteer trainers.


arcenciel serves people ‘at risk’ and enables them to become productive and independent members of society, who in turn help others ‘at risk’. This model allows arcenciel’s investment in each marginalized person to exponentially grow, and then helped persons thereafter help others.

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