Get Your Data Ready for AI

NetHope Solutions Center Webinar Series

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Data is a crucial component of any AI solution. Machine Learning (ML) algorithms learn from data so it is important to have the right data for the problem you want to solve. Even if your organization may not be ready to start building AI applications, at a minimum you need to start preparing sufficient amounts of high-quality data to be used for future AI solutions.

In this session, Ria Sankar from Microsoft will review the process for getting your data ready for AI, including:

  1. Steps for preparing data (text, images, video, audio) for AI, from defining what data you need and collecting data from different sources (e.g., internal, public, etc.) to data cleanup, storage, and ongoing data maintenance.
  2. Ethics and bias in data:
    1. How bias impacts data in AI and how to prevent it
    2. Description of Microsoft's ethical design principles and how to embed them in an AI system
    3. Understanding “FATE” - Fairness, Accountability, Trust, and Ethics in the context of AI


Ria Sankar, Program Management & Analytics, Microsoft


Leila Toplic, Lead for Emerging Technologies Working Group, NetHope


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