Making Data Driven Decisions with Box and PATH

NetHope Solutions Center

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An estimated 2.5 exabytes (2.5 billion gigabytes!) of data are created every day. With the increasing amount of data available, opportunities to improve decision making have also increased. Analyzing past data sets can reveal trends, informing where you should prioritize and target to maximize impact. Quantitative data, however, cannot completely replace human intuition or qualitative analysis. Making data-driven decisions requires a holistic approach that acknowledges incalculable factors.

View this webinar recording to learn from Eden Kung, Senior Director of Business Analytics at Box and Skye Gilbert, Deputy Director of Digital Health Plans at PATH how they use data to make smart decisions and what to do when the data doesn't answer all the questions. Both will speak on the topics of targeting and prioritization, with Box focusing on its sales strategy and PATH focusing on its immunization strategy.


Eden Kung, Sr. Director of Business Analytics at Box

Skye Gilbert, Deputy Director, Digital Health Solutions at PATH


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