Lessons Learned from Practical Implementations of AI in the Humanitarian Sector

NetHope's Emerging Technologies Initiative

Above photo credit: Glenna Gordon

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In this webinar, you will have the opportunity to learn about two practical implementations of artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML) in the humanitarian sector focused on displacement and meeting the needs of refugees.

Danish Refugee Council (DRC) is using AI/ML to forecast forced displacement initially in Afghanistan, Myanmar and West Africa, and is working to expand to cover all major and potential displacement crises. The Foresight tool uses open data from sources including UNHCR, the World Bank and NGO agencies to predict forced displacement in a given country over the next one to three years. The insights are used for strategic planning and operational preparedness, both within DRC and the wider humanitarian sector.

International Rescue Committee (IRC) is using AI/ML to facilitate jobs matching and optimize service delivery for Syrian refugees in Jordan. Project Match uses an adapted Thompson’s Algorithm to target different job seekers with the most impactful interventions. The matching algorithm, combined with cash support, increased employment by 7.9%, or 143 percentage points, compared to no intervention. The algorithm itself was responsible for 6.2% or 111 percentage points, of that gain.

For more information about AI in the humanitarian sector, including some of the most promising use cases, read this blog post.


Leila Toplic, Lead for Emerging Technologies Initiative, NetHope


Alexander Kjærum, Global Advisor, Senior Analyst at the Danish Refugee Council

Grant Gordon, former Senior Director of Innovation Strategy at the International Rescue Committee


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