Inventory Management Webinar: How To Streamline Last Mile Supply Chains


Note: this webinar is hosted by TaroWorks and the registration link will take you to its website.

Challenge: Without supply chain visibility, emerging market distribution efforts can experience stockouts that increase inventory costs, erode customer trust and decrease revenue. MIT’s Practical Impact Alliance identified “optimized inventory management” as one of six “key enablers” for scaling last mile, base-of-pyramid sales networks.

Solution: Mobile inventory management systems can help track stock levels and product movements between suppliers, warehouses and last mile distribution agents - even from offline smartphones or tablets. Using barcode scanning, demand planning and auditing tools, social enterprises and nonprofits selling products in emerging markets are decreasing delivery times and increasing profit margins.

Webinar - Sistema.bio Manages Last Mile Inventory with Mobile Tech and Cloud CRM

Sistema.bio manufactures, finances, installs and services biodigesters that transform animal manure from small and medium size farms into biogas for clean cooking and a nutrient-rich organic fertilizer while producing renewable energy for over 104,000 people and mitigating over 211,000 tons of carbon dioxide.

From Procurement to Distribution: Sistema.bio began digitizing field operations in 2015, using Salesforce.com to help field agents log sales, provide financing and install products throughout Mexico. While expanding into Latin America, East Africa and India, Sistema.bio realized using spreadsheets to track inventory offered insufficient visibility into product delivery timing for their clients.

Join This Webinar: Sistema.bio will share how it digitized its inventory management to better track incoming and outgoing stock of component biodigester parts at warehouses around the world and provide reliable delivery to its farmer clients using a mobile field service app and cloud CRM.

If You Can't Attend: We'll send the webinar recording to everyone who registers for the live session, so if you can't make it, do sign up to receive the recording and related information. 

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