Introducing the NGO Reference Model

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Introducing the NGO Reference Model is the first in a 3-part Members-only webinar series introducing the NGO Reference Model. Visit the series landing page for more information.

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This first in a series webinar provides an overview of the NGO Reference Model. We looked at how some organizations are already using the model and take a deep-dive into a couple of process groups to build understanding of the model. We discuss a process for getting to know the model and finish with a task ready for Webinar #2.

This webinar included time at the end for questions and discussion. We lay the groundwork for what we will learn in Webinar #2; Understanding the model in detail and Webinar #3 Benchmarking results and introduction to the NetHope Digital NGO initiative.


To maximize learning and benefit, those attending webinar #2 are being asked to use their organization’s mission to contextualize the NGO Reference Model - Activity Table and roughly map which of their applications support which parts of the model. These submissions together with any questions will be made in advance of webinar #2.

Please download the NGO Reference Model Review.xlsx (open link).

View and download the Powerpoint presentation of this webinar by clicking on the the link below the speaker descriptions.


avatar for Mike Smith


Mike Smith, Systems Architect, WaterAid

avatar for Greg  Snow


Greg Snow, Global IT Architecture & Innovation Director, Save the Children International

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