Implementing a Low Budget DHIS2 System

NPOKI, n-Village, and InsideNGO

NOTE: This is not a NetHope-sponsored webinar and is posted as a courtesy.

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We love case studies…

…especially DHIS2 case studies, where the goal is to test a solution - and if it is successful - roll it out to the larger organization. This month, we feature an interesting case study from Save The Children.

This webinar showcases an implementation of DHIS2 for the LAIHA Project in Niger. The budget for the implementation was less than $50K for the initial phase, and included in-country training of the program team. The implementation delivered most of the required functionality using as many DHIS2 OOTB features as possible.

Join Save The Children colleague Webert José, Acting Chief of Party / LAIHA Project along with consultant Neeran Seraf as they share their approach to implementing DHIS2. They’ll provide details of the features implemented and discuss how this approach can be used as a low entry cost solution for an organization to adopt DHIS2, including scaling up to the enterprise level.  

We welcome M&E and IT-focused iNGO staffers who are currently considering or using DHIS2, to bring your questions.


Webert José, Acting Chief of Party / LAIHA Project at Save the Children International

Neeran Saraf, Senior ICT Consultant, Moonshot Global, LLC