Impact-Focused Coalitions: Advanced Management of Real-time Operations

NetHope Solutions Center Webinar Series

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In the last 10 years, the conservation community has built a number of multiagency coalitions that deliver technology solutions at scale, addressing some of the world’s most challenging issues. Digital transformation in the conservation sector is rarely about point solutions for single organizations; it is increasingly about building a suite of loosely connected tools that transform our collective ability to deliver global impact.

After providing a broader context on the larger approach, we will explore the case study of Vulcan’s EarthRanger, a software and data integration and visualization platform that provides a real-time operational tool set to support rapid responses to poaching, and to assist with ecological monitoring and human wildlife conflict. In closing, we will explore the implications for the broader NGO community on developing collaborative digital transformation projects, such as the integration of SMART, and EarthRanger to provide a comprehensive, protected-area management software solution.


Jonathan Palmer, Executive Director, Office of Strategic Technology, Wildlife Conservation Society

Shana Tischler, Senior Business Development Manager, Impact Team, Vulcan Inc

Ted Schmitt, Principal Business Development Manager, Vulcan EarthRanger, Vulcan Inc.


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