Humanitarian UAV Missions from Haiti to Nepal: Towards Best Practices


Over the past 24 months humanitarian response actors have participated in a number of different humanitarian UAV missions in diverse disaster response and recovery situations. Scanning across the results of four different case studies in Nepal, Vanuatu, Philippines and Haiti, the outlines of a set of best practices for the humanitarian use of UAV technology is starting to come into focus.  This talk will introduce the Humanitarian UAV Network and document the latest lessons learned and best practices in the use of UAVs in humanitarian response.

This webinar is part of the ongoing NetHope Solutions Center series of the use of UAVs in international humanitarian, development and conservation work. Visit our dedicated community page for additional information.


  • Patrick Meier patrick@irevolutions.org
  • Andrew Schroeder ASchroeder@directrelief.org

Read a recap here >>

Webinar Recording
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