How to get started with AI: Learn from current practical implementations in the nonprofit sector

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While it’s still early days for AI in the social impact space, we're at the genesis of witnessing the potential for AI to support every aspect of our work – from field programs (health, education, poverty alleviation, conservancy) to driving digital transformation within the organizations by helping us improve processes, create efficiencies, and increase reach and effectiveness.

In this session, you'll have the opportunity to hear from two NetHope members about the practical implementations of AI in their work, including lessons learned across all stages of the process—from how to frame a problem for AI, how to get your data in order, how to resource teams, and how have the right processes in place.

  • Plan International: Training and Employment Support Services Assistant (TESSA) is a chatbot that helps marginalized youth in the Philippines articulate their skills, create a full competency profile, and find work and training opportunities where they live.
  • The Carter Center (TCC): TCC's Syria Conflict Mapping team is using AI to classify data and get the most value out of a growing dataset while freeing up limited human resources to focus on other high-priority work. TCC is currently using the k-nearest neighbor (KNN) AI model to get more accurate and timely analysis on the Syrian conflict, and exploring more advanced classification models in partnership with Microsoft.

Note that this content was originally presented at the recent NetHope Global Summit, and due to the popular demand, we’re bringing it to the NetHope community via this webinar.

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Leila Toplic, Lead for Emerging Technologies, NetHope


Michael Scholtens, Program Associate, The Carter Center

Bo Percival, Innovation Lead for Skills and Opportunities for Youth Employment and Entrepreneurship, Plan International


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