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Countries across the world are operating on constrained internet connections that limit day-to-day data transfer activities. According to the International Telecommunication Union, “Bandwidth is unequally distributed globally, and lack of bandwidth remains a major bottleneck to improved Internet connectivity in many developing and least developed countries.

Non-Governmental Agencies servicing developing areas with unreliable internet connections face challenges transferring crucial data to and from their many remote locations.

The lack of reliable networks in many rural areas creates a growing gap in the access to basic care, support, and services. Many organizations are confronted with limitations when syncing data (whether Terabytes or many smaller files).   

Resilio has formed a growing partnership with Mennonite Central Committee, and NGOs across the world, by providing a fast, stable file transfer solution that overcomes network constraints when transferring files across unreliable connections.

Key Takeaways:

  • A guide to tackling slow and unreliable file transfers: Overcoming sneakernet (physical data transfers via hardware), bandwidth constraints, latency and packet loss, low network utilization, and slow response time to file changes.
  • Customer success stories of how NGOs are overcoming common data transfer challenges while servicing areas in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.
  • An overview of Resilio Connect’s features that enable fast and reliable file transfers to scale relief, development and peace efforts.
  • Partnership opportunities


Brittany Wyre, Product Marketing Manager, Resilio

Melaney Reimer, Director of IT, Mennonite Central Committee

Arnold Dizon, Enterprise Systems Specialist, Mennonite Central Committee

Jerry P. Evans, President & CEO, Nia Technologies Inc.

About Resilio:

Resilio is the leader in distributed file transfer, and synchronization solutions. It’s technology runs on any device, and can sync any number of files, of any size, on any number of devices. Resilio's peer-to-peer architecture leverages the combined power of all endpoints to deliver a solution that is the most reliable, and fastest way to move data.


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