Google AI for Social Good Impact Challenge


November 15th a webinar was conducted with Google.org on their Google AI for Social Good Impact Challenge grant program. The webinar recording can be viewed on this page. The Google AI Impact Challenge grant will give selected organizations customized support to help bring their AI ideas that can address societal challenges to life: coaching from Google’s AI experts, Google.org grant funding from a $25M pool, credit and consulting from Google Cloud, and more. Collaboration among NGOs is encouraged and NetHope would like to coordinate this effort on behalf of our members, connect with other potential contributors (e.g. research institutions), and other NGOs.

Next Steps: NetHope will continue to support members with the application process.  We are still working through what role we will play but will have more information by the December Member meeting. Interest has surfaced from members around Conservation, Human Trafficking, and Infectious Diseases. 
Here is a brief summary and links to Google's resources:

If you have suggestions, ideas or are interested in being part of a multi-agency grant application please contact Leila Toplic.   

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