Financial Reports: Empower Staff and Improve Trust with Funders

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A webinar featuring, Jesus Pizarro of Heifer International. Mr. Pizarro is the author of Lessons Learned from an ERP: From the perspective of international accounting of a non-governmental organization.

Eight years ago the CEO of Heifer International challenged his organization to build best-in-class systems to meet its organizational goals of increased transparency with institutional donors, lower general and administrative costs, and an improved ability to react in real-time.

Today, in 2017, Heifer has reduced costs by 27% and increased program impact by 57%.

With this webinar you will learn how Heifer accomplished these amazing results with its new enterprise resource planning (ERP) system.

You will also learn how Heifer:

  • Simplified the year-end closing process and preparation of consolidated financial statements.
  • Increased financial transparency.
  • Empowered system users to make decisions in real-time using relevant, timely and understandable financial information.
  • Lowered its total cost of ownership.

Whether you’re contemplating the benefits of a new ERP or would simply like to hear about the "lessons learned" from a successful implementation, this is a webinar you do not want to miss.


Chris Brewer, Senior Account Executive, Unit4

Jesus Pizarro, Vice President of Enterprise Accounting & Controller, Heifer International