FHI 360 Vine – Search Less to Find More and Do More Good

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FHI 360 and Techno Brain share their process rooted in human-centric design, the FHI 360 case study and experience, and how you can benefit.

In 2018, FHI 360 users in different roles and geographies throughout the organization were asked for input to solve a challenge from the Chief Financial Officer to become a paperless organization. We embarked on a journey where not only did we create something novel and innovative we helped our colleagues become more productive and happier. In retrospect, we also discovered that we worked to solve a problem that many organizations are facing.

Employees are spending 30%-40% of their time searching for information. They feel frustrated going to multiple systems and data sources to complete simple tasks. At the same time, organizations are spending more money on training and license costs on new systems that perform only discrete tasks.

FHI 360 and Techno Brain have partnered on an exciting new digital tool – FHI 360 Vine, a modern enterprise search find experience. The result is employees having more time to do more good, collaborate more and have more impact.

FHI 360 Vine enables employees to surface information from financial systems, customer relationship management systems, and knowledge repositories in one place. FHI 360 Vine is intuitive - it doesn’t require training, it reduces frustration for users, and provides actionable data.


Carla Dougherty, Director, Enterprise Services, FHI360

Paula Pazderka, Director, Knowledge Exchange, FHI360

Rajesh Handa, Manager, Enterprise Application Design, FHI360

Alfred Selvarajah, Director, Sales & Consulting, Techno Brain


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