Facebook Disaster Maps part 3: Connectivity and Power Analysis Technical Training

NetHope's Crisis Informatics Team

Looking for the webinar recording? Find the recording and presentation collateral on the password-protected landing page.

Note: This is the third of a three-part webinar series. Direct questions to: disastermaps@fb.com.

Geared towards existing partners of Facebook’s Disaster Maps program, who attended the Disaster Maps 101 webinar on September 28, and signed a data-sharing agreement, this session will provide an in-depth overview of how humanitarian NGOS can gain important network coverage and power-related insights on Facebook’s GeoInsights platform. This includes:

  • Network coverage in disaster affected areas (2g, 3g, 4g)
  • Phone charging/power availability maps

In addition to walking through the user interface, representatives from the World Food Programme and NetHope will share case studies demonstrating use of various functions in the platform.



Andi Gros, Data Scientist, Facebook

John Crowley, Director of Information Management and Crisis Informatics, NetHope


Gaby Alvarado, Chief IT Emergency Preparedness & Response, World Food Program

Gabriele Almon, Technical Lead, NetHope Crisis Informatics

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