Deploying mobile payments successfully with Beyonic and Educate! in Uganda


In this webinar organized by the NetHope Payment Innovations Group we will have Educate! and Beyonic discuss their experience with electronic payments in their work with schools in Uganda.

Everyone is touting the benefits of mobile money, especially in East Africa. Multinational consortiums are spearheading electronic payments in D.C. while large organizations are utilizing mobile money on large, high-budget projects. But what about organizations with smaller budgets or time-bound projects? Is a move from cash to mobile money possible for them? Is it worth it? Is their use of cash significant enough to uncover any upside? Most important, what are the issues to be evaluated when rolling out a mobile money solution? Using the Beyonic Funds to Phones platform, Educate! moved their field operations to mobile money in eight weeks, and will share what they learned from the process.

Cash-based operations:
Educate! delivers experiential learning in Uganda. Its innovative model has been recognized internationally, including awards from Ashoka ChangeMakers, Echoing Green, and Forbes. Educate!’s goal is to expand from 50 schools to 200 schools in 2 years and until September, 2013, Educate! used cash for field payments including travel, accommodation and per-diems. Recruiters had to make regular trips to Kampala to collect cash and needs a more streamlined way.

Shared technology tools:
Beyonic’s Funds-to-Phones platform was built to allow organizations to switch to electronic payments without spending time and resources negotiating with telecoms and creating custom process management and technology tools to accomplish this goal.  Furthermore, Beyonic anticipated that by sharing technology across multiple customers, lower costs could be realized than was possible with the current model of building point solutions per customer. 

This September, Educate completed a pilot that examined the costs and hurdles of switching to mobile money, with compelling results. Overall recruitment costs fell by 30%, but the real upside was the increased efficiency of the field-staff, who no longer had to travel back to Kampala. Over the 8-week recruitment period, Educate! expanded from 50 to 156 schools!

During the webinar, Educate! and Beyonic will present the detailed costs of using cash and mobile money and offer insight to other organizations looking to incorporate mobile money into their day-to-day operations.

Webinar Recording
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