Domain Name Strategies for iNGOs


Somewhat quietly, the Internet has exploded. Where most people are used to .ORG, .COM, .NET, and perhaps their own country code (.ES for Spain, .CO.UK in the UK), there are now over 600 new top-level domains to the right of the dot and growing. From .NGO and .ONG to .WEBSITE to .SUCKS (yes, that’s a legitimate domain), from locales like .NYC or .TOKYO to domains in non-European character sets, there are many more choices for building an online presence or campaign. 

There are also more chances for confusion, as less than 25% of worldwide internet users are aware of this expansion. There is potential for donors, partners, and clients to be fooled into clicking phishing emails, going to fake sites or even installing malware because of name confusion. 

Join Howard Greenstein, COO at DomainSkate, and Surya Sayed-Ganguly, Sr. Director of Global Information Services at The Asia Foundation, to discuss the domain expansion, domain name strategies, how you can benefit from the branding opportunities, and how you can protect your organization from exploitation in this new world. 

To register for this free webinar: https://goo.gl/A73Oap 

Please feel free to share this webinar information with others at your organization that may have an interest in this topic.  

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