Facebook Disaster Maps 101

NetHope Crisis Informatics Team

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Resources featured in this webinar

With several storm systems brewing in the Atlantic Basin and Pacific Ocean, Facebook is offering humanitarian NGOs access to their Disaster Maps platform. With this platform, humanitarian partners can view insights on daily population density and migration patterns, as well as network coverage and power availability in crisis zones.

Join us for the 45-minute webinar, which will provide an overview of the Disaster Maps program, the datasets available, and the process by which NGOs can request access. (This process includes agreeing to a data agreement to maintain the privacy and integrity of the information that is shared.)

Note: This is the first of three webinars that will provide a technical look at navigating and utilizing data from the Disaster Maps platform to support crisis response effort.


Gabriele Almon, NetHope Crisis Informatics, NetHope


Laura McGorman, Public Policy Research Manager, Facebook

Paige Maas, Data Scientist, Facebook



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