DigitalGlobe on their Seeing a Better World Program


Please join this NetHope Solutions Center webinar to gain new understanding about how DigitalGlobe’s Seeing a Better World Program is addressing the unique challenges found within the NGO and non-profit ecosystems.

We will illustrate past engagements with a Net Hope member by sharing an exciting use case on habitat conservation and identifying invasive species, as well as provide information on relevant geospatial capabilities that can support diverse member organization missions, including:

  • Measuring crop yields for food security programs
  • Creating accountability in the international fight against human rights abuses
  • Providing valuable information to Global Development Organizations (GDOs) and multilaterals working on conservation and international development projects around the world.

The DigitalGlobe Seeing a Better World Program is delivering significant insight across the non-profit community and helping our global partners achieve their goals efficiently and economically through the use of innovative geospatial technologies.   

Presented by:

  • Taner Kodanaz, Director- Seeing a Better World Program
  • Luke Barrington, Ph.D., Director- Product Management

Read a recap here >>

Webinar Recording

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