Developing Economies of Scale in mHealth


Webinar with Jonathan Jackson, CEO, Dimagi, Inc. and John Tippett, Director, Mobile Health Innovation, Grameen Foundation on the MOTECH Suite and Developing Economies of Scale in mHealth.

This webinar is part one of a three-part series on the MOTECH Suite. MOTECH Suite is a set of Open Source technologies from a consortium of partners who have recognized that their complementary software efforts can address core needs of mHealth. The Suite provides an industry leading set of field-tested services to facilitate effective and efficient deployments. It provides an integrated combination of tools, including mobile job aids, data collection, rule-based messaging, logistics management, and technology to facilitate multi-system interoperability. The Suite is co-developed by Grameen Foundation and Dimagi.

Dimagi will present a model for developing scalable mHealth solutions that can demonstrate economies of scale by supporting multiple use cases, reuse of applications, and integration with national health information systems. This model suggests the need for countries to develop a foundation or platform for enabling multiple, integrated mHealth projects at scale, rather than focus on scaling a single project or use case.

In follow-on webinars in this series we will share lessons learned from key MOTECH Suite deployments:

  • World Vision deployment of globally standardized, locally customizable MOTECH Suite modules across projects in 11 countries in Africa and Asia, featuring functionality for 5 key health programming models.
  • The Ananya project in Bihar, India is operating at large-scale for both IVR and mobile apps for Frontline Workers in partnership with many organizations, including BBC Media Action, CARE International, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.
  • MOTECH Suite Technologies are being deployed in Haiti with Pathfinder International and URC.

Additional webinar details available here.

Webinar Recording
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