Demos of AI/ML Tools and Services

NetHope Solutions Center Webinar Series

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Resources Shared in this webinar

In this session, several tech companies (Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Salesforce) will provide practical demos of AI/ML tools and services that can be used without specialized expertise. We hosted a similar session at NetHope Global Summit 2019 and based on the feedback from the attendees, we've dedicated to share this topic in the form of a webinar with the broader NetHope community.

Demos include

  • AutoML Tables - Rui Costa, Cloud Solutions Engineer at Google
  • Cognitive Services; Bot Framework - Michael Tjalve, Principal Program Manager at Microsoft
  • ML at the edge in disconnected environments with AWS Snowball Edge - Grace Kitzmiller, Principal Product Manager at Amazon
  • Einstein Vision; Einstein Playground - Alex Kruglyak, Principal Solution Engineer at Salesforce


Leila Toplic, Lead for Emerging Technologies at NetHope


Rui Costa, Cloud Solutions Engineer, Google

Michael Tjalve, Principal Program Manager, Microsoft

Grace Kitzmiller, Principal Product Manager - AWS Disaster Response, Amazon Web Services

Alex Kruglyak, Principal Solution Engineer, Salesforce


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