Data Empowers Decisions

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How do you empower Chief Macha to take ownership of his village's sanitation efforts?” At Akros, they believe this is accomplished through empowering the right leaders with meaningful data in order to make informed decisions. During this webinar, Akros will share their successes and challenges implementing DHIS2 through mobile technology to support Zambian traditional leaders.

Akros, a woman-owned small business based in Zambia, establishes data driven systems to improve the health and well-being of disadvantaged communities. Under the WASH program, Akros uses DHIS2 and mobile technology to empower traditional village leaders to own community-led total sanitation efforts. Implemented in over 40,000 villages across Zambia, Akros has trained chiefs and community change-agents to use WASH DHIS2 dashboards and data feedback loops to provide meaningful oversight to sanitation efforts in their communities.

Join panelists Robert Ntalo (Portfolio Lead) and Rabson Zimba (Program Manager) from the Akros team to learn:

  • The challenges and successes of implementing mobile-to-web technology in rural and urban areas
  • Use case for how real-time data visualization is empowering local leaders to hold their communities accountable for sanitation efforts

We welcome M&E and IT-focused iNGO staffers who are currently considering or using DHIS2, to bring your questions.

Dr. Robert Ntalo is a public health specialist and currently the Portfolio Lead for WASH programs at Akros Zambia. He has over 15 years of implementing community based health, water, sanitation and hygiene programs in both humanitarian and development contexts within East, Central and Southern African regions. He is passionate about establishing monitoring systems for effective programming.

Rabson Zimba is the WASH Deputy Program Manager at Akros. With over 4 years of experience, he has brought expertise to Akros’ programs in real-time monitoring and evaluation, program design, and successful deployment of community based surveillance systems. Under Rabson’s management on WASH, 7 chiefdoms in Zambia attained open defecation free status, including Zambia’s Chiengi District, which was the first community of its size to be declared Open Defecation Free in Africa.