Customizing DHIS2 for iNGOs – Part II


On September 10, as part of the CONNECTING THE INFORMATION DOTS Webinar Series, we hosted Customizing DHIS2 For Nonprofits: It’s Not Just About The Software. In that webinar, Dr. Gillian Kerr and Martha McGuire of LogicalOutcomes shared their findings from a white paper that addressed the problems with monitoring & evaluation systems for nonprofits, and compared existing software solutions. They also discussed their approach to a DHIS2 Quick Start implementation.  The webinar was hugely successful with almost 200 registrants.

Given the number of questions and interest, we’ve decided to continue the conversation, since it is both timely and important to our community. On Tuesday, October 13th, 2015 from 11:30AM to 12:45PM ET, we will present as part of the Connect the Information Dots series: Customizing DHIS2 for iNGOs – Part II

Joining Gillian and Martha will be Steven Uggowitzer, Senior Architect, Health Information Systems, ICT4D. Many of you may know Steven from his work at the World Health Organization and his role as the Senior Architect for the Health Metrics Network. Currently, Steven is helping organizations to implement DHIS 2, and is working with Logical Outcomes to develop their DHIS2 Quick Start application.

In Part II, we’ll briefly summarize the content from the original webinar, and then go into depth about the process of testing and deploying DHIS2. We’ll address some technical issues, and we’ll allow more time for your questions. Please join us for this new webinar.

To register for this free webinar: https://goo.gl/dcHWWq

Please feel free to share this webinar information with others at your organization (especially your Monitoring & Evaluation Team) who may have an interest in this topic.

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