Bringing University Degree and Employment Pathways to Refugees Online

NetHope's No Lost Generation Tech Task Force

Photo credit: Southern New Hampshire University

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Join us for our newest No Lost Generation Tech Task Force webinar to learn how Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) is working to provide U.S. accredited bachelor degrees and employment pathways to refugees in Africa and the Middle East. SNHU and Authess are working together to use machine learning and AI to reduce degree costs while improving quality of education and student experience.

The ongoing refugee crisis – with 65.6 million now displaced worldwide – has dramatically accelerated a decades-long trend. With the average duration for protracted displacement now at 26 years, entire generations are being left without higher education or employment opportunities. Currently, less than 1% of refugees have access to tertiary education. Tertiary education holds the key to an alternative future of possibility for refugee communities around the world.

SNHU has revolutionized a way to deliver both a world-class degree and employment pathways to the world’s most disadvantaged learners. Their Global Education Movement uses the College for All (CfA) program and offers fully-accredited U.S. bachelor’s degrees at no cost to refugees leading to employment pathways for refugee students in Africa and the Middle East. In collaboration with Authess, a company who applies machine learning and big data to higher levels of assessment, SNHU aims to reduce degree costs to SNHU and make tertiary education available to 50,000 refugees by 2022.

Key Takeaways

  • Understanding the current SNHU Global Education program and roll out plan;
  • Exploring how Authess and SNHU have worked collaboratively to use the Authess authentic assessment platform to create high quality assessments while lowering degree costs to SNHU thus extending our funding to create a scalable, sustainable initiative;
  • Understanding how the Authess platform can be applied more broadly in the higher education assessment context;
  • Opportunities to work with SNHU to offer internships and employment to graduates in Lebanon, Rwanda, Malawi, South Africa and Kenya.


Leila Toplic, No Lost Generation Tech Task Force Lead


Rachael Sears, Chief Assessment and Employment Pathways Officer, Southern New Hampshire University

Paul Crockett, CEO, Authess



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