ASAP – The Aerial Situational Awareness Platform

Singularity University

This webinar is part of our ongoing series on the use of UAVs in emergency response and international development.  Claudia Aparicio Yañez will discuss the Aerial Situational Awareness Platform developed with her team at Singularity University.

Timely and effective search & rescue response in a disaster or emergency situation requires first responders to have a certain minimum level of situation awareness. Current obstacles to situational awareness include infrequent refresh of satellite imagery, high cost of manned aerial vehicles for visual reconnaissance, and challenges with image processing to give a complete picture of where the victims are and in which numbers.

ASAP is a GSP14 Singularity University startup which designed and built an end2end solution for crowd sourced situation awareness in case of emergency or disaster through a smart augmentation for drones.  Through ASAP’s sensor enhancements,  cloud-based coordination and image processing, unmanned aerial vehicles can help, both collaboratively and individually, to build critical situation awareness during the first phase of a disaster or emergency situation, and to enable timely and effective search & rescue response.

Recordings and slides from the other webinars in this series can be found on the NetHope Solutions Center here.

We hope to see you all on January 13th!

Webinar Recording
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