AI Ethics Webinar Series: Part I

NetHope's Emerging Technologies Initiative

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Resources on Ethics

NetHope, USAID, MIT D-Lab, and Plan International are working together to deliver a set of webinars to equip the social impact sector with the information it needs to implement AI responsibly and ethically.

In this webinar, we will explore the following questions:

  • What is ethics? Why does it matter?
  • What is responsible innovation?
  • What are some of the ethical issues surrounding technology use today?
  • A practical example that highlights risks, issues, and path to achieving ethical technology solutions.

This webinar is part of the AI Ethics webinar series and we recommend attendance at all three webinars to get the most complete overview of this topic. We also invite you to share with us other AI ethics topics you’d like to see covered in future webinars. Please email your ideas to Leila Toplic; please include topics and potential speakers.


Leila Toplic, Lead for Emerging Technologies Initiative, NetHope


Nora Lindstrom, Global Lead for Digital Development, Plan International

Hycinth Umaran, Product Owner, Plan International

Kendra Leith, Associate Director for Research, MIT D-Lab

Amy Paul, Technical Advisor, USAID Center for Digital Development


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