AI Ethics for Social Impact Sector

AI For Good Global Summit

Note: this webinar is hosted by the AI For Good Global Summit and the registration link will take you to its website.

We're looking forward to hosting a discussion about AI Ethics at this year's AI for Good Summit organized by ITU Artificial Intelligence and Data Science Application and Research Center, and XPRIZE. In this webinar, Leila Toplic from NetHope and our collaborators at USAID, MIT D-Lab and Plan International will talk about:

  • What is AI ethics?
  • What is responsible innovation?
  • What are some of the ethical issues surrounding technology use today?
  • What are the key considerations related to the principle of Fairness and AI/ML?
  • How do you design and develop an ethical Machine Learning project?
  • A case study that highlights risks, issues, and path to achieving ethical AI /ML solutions.

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