2020 Ready: Field Data Collection with Fulcrum

NetHope's Crisis Informatics Team

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During the early stage of emergency response operations, collecting data about immediate needs and who needs help is key to every operation. Tracking how these changing needs get resolved for any recovery site can be difficult. Spatial Network’s Fulcrum Platform provides an easy and adaptable mobile solution for humanitarian aid and disaster response teams worldwide. This webinar is an opportunity to learn data collection and data processing in the field with NetHope and Team Rubicon’s field operations team and Spatial Networks Product leadership.

Our presenters will share lessons learned from using Fulcrum and teach participants the basics of how to install and build a data collection application, and then collect and analyze data using Fulcrum. Attendees will learn the following:

  • Basic and advanced Fulcrum tools used in disaster response
  • Key integrations used to document and map your recovery zone
  • NetHope/Team Rubicon use case examples
  • The Dos and Don'ts of geospatial field data collection


John Crowley, Director, Information Management & Crisis Informatics, NetHope


Coleman McCormick, Vice President of Products, Spatial Networks

Bryan McBride, Fulcrum Product Manager, Spatial Networks

Lauren Vatier, Associate, National Planning, Team Rubicon

About the Speakers

Coleman McCormick, Vice President of Products, Spatial Networks
Coleman McCormick is Vice President of Products at Spatial Networks, leading the product development team to create forward-thinking products for SNI customers. Coleman holds a B.S. degree in Geography from the University of Florida with an extensive background in IT and Geospatial Technology.

Bryan McBride, Fulcrum Product Manager, Spatial Networks
Bryan McBride is the Fulcrum Product Manager, helping customers understand the best value of their data and the functionality of their Fulcrum technology tools. His background in GIS consulting and application development helps him understand customers’ challenges and come up with creative technology solutions for improving their workflows.

Lauren Vatier, Associate, National Planning, Team Rubicon
Lauren Vatier joined Team Rubicon full time in January 2019 as an Operational Planning Associate based out of Grand Prairie, TX. She was a member of TR’s Incident Management Team in 2017 and has been a volunteer since 2012. Lauren previously spent six years in the private sector in global corporate security in NYC. Lauren obtained her undergraduate and graduate degree from Saint John’s University in Criminal Justice Leadership.


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