Assessing Your Digital Nonprofit Skills (DNS)™


NetHope and Humentum are joining forces to help our members navigate Digital Transformation. We are looking for information about digital skills in your organization. This information will help us serve you better and will help you evaluate and build the skills you need in your team.

In November 2017, NetHope launched the Digital Nonprofit Ability™ (DNA) Assessment and collected a set of data around the state of Digital Transformation in the nonprofit sector. We continue to use that information in multiple ways – from prioritizing next steps for The Center for the Digital Nonprofit, to providing members with invaluable feedback on how their organization benchmarks relative to other organizations.

We continue that journey with the Digital Nonprofit Skills™ Assessment to establish a solid baseline for skills across roles and across organizations. This is the next step in our work with The Center.

For each of you who take the survey, we will send you a personalized and confidential skills report, with your own assessment, as well as how you benchmark against others in the nonprofit sector. This report is just for you, as a way of saying “THANK YOU” for your time and thoughtful responses. The results of the first round of DNS Assessments can be found here.

NOTE: Survey Deadline July 15th, 2018
We are going to present some preliminary data at the Humentum Annual Conference at the end of July and we will present the full set of data at the NetHope Global Summit in November.

The overall survey results will be used in the creation of a set of Learning Paths, mapped to the Digital Skills Framework™ and curated to help you and others in your organization fill in the skills gap as needed. 


Let’s check your DNS (Digital Nonprofit Skills™)

The Survey: It’s easy! We ask a little bit about you, where you are located and what you do. Then, we ask you to first answer each statement for yourself, and second, to respond on behalf of others in your organization. 

Your Information is Private: No information specific to any single organization will be made public or shared with any other member. Any information provided will be kept private and will be anonymized or aggregated before being shared.

What to do now: This survey is self-sufficient and uses standard measurements. It shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes, but the results will be far reaching. Please click here to start your survey and help us to build the skills path in your digital journey.

Assistance: We don’t think you will need assistance, but if you do – please reach out and we have people ready and willing to help you with this survey. To schedule help, please email using this link.

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